DEPCOM Services for the Paper Industry

As a boutique DEPCOM firm, MMT is the pre-eminent provider of turnkey solutions for the pulp and paper industry. MMT has been recognized for implementing and leading successful projects such as brownfield remediation, design and construction of new mills, and conversion projects in the Paper Industry.

Segments Served

  • Packaging
  • Newsprint
  • De-Ink Tissue
  • Coated Boxboard
  • Fine Printing Grades

Leading MMT is a team of industry recognized experts who have designed, constructed, and operated some of the most successful mills in North America. The combined 150+ years experience of MMT’s leadership spans the Pulp & Paper industry with leading edge experience in lightweight packaging. MMT is powered by a cooperative learning culture that is driven to succeed and deliver world class results for its partners.

Along with providing superior results for its partners, MMT has designed and implemented cutting edge technologies that power industry leading mills in North America.

  • Heat Recovery
  • Centralized Rejects Handling
  • Water System Design
  • Automation
  • Fractionation and Washing
  • Fully Automated Pulper Feed Conveyor Systems
  • Zero Effluent Mills

MMT Operating Goals

Organizations looking to complete small to large projects can now capitalize on MMT’s experience in designing, building, and operating some of the most successful mills in North America. MMT works organically with the organizations to complete projects on time on budget and "right the first time". Not only is MMT’s expertise available for completing small to large projects, it is also available to provide high-quality low cost studies.