Our Methodology

Our methodology has led to multiple plants that started up and were producing on-spec product well ahead of schedule. One of our keys to this success is that we insist on frequent action-oriented interactions with all the key personnel & suppliers. These are professionally facilitated discussions that are designed to produce results that lead the entire team to be able to startup & operate the facility ahead of schedule.

Our 8-step process serves as the roadmap that will put your new or revamped facility in the top 10% of mills. MMT personnel tightly control every step to ensure that your facility will rank highly in the following categories


  • Deliver what’s promised with a high level of integrity
  • Use innovative approaches to industry change and new opportunities
  • Produce viability study for new projects
  • Use ingenuity to lower capital costs
  • Form strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Produce financing assistance
  • Invest in learning as an organization and as professionals
  • Provide a "one stop shop" for new mills
  • Provide a workplace environment based on team work, consistency, fairness, security and development