Water Systems

MMT utilizes proven water system design concepts to provide excellent management of contaminants and paper fines. Below are a few of the success factors of MMT water systems.

MMT Water System Success Factors

  • Fresh Water Control Fresh water is limited to specific locations on the paper machine only.
  • Single Point of Water Discharge Primary effluent treatment is built into the mill. Only the treated effluent line leaves the mill.
  • Spill Containment Chests collect any stock spills that may happen and then pump it back into the system.
  • Fresh Water Reduction MMT MiniMills operate on 800 gallons or less of fresh water / ton of paper produced.
  • Improved Showering Sytems MMT uses paper machine showering systems that operate primarily on recycled shower system water.
  • Recyling of Water U-drain water is collected in various sumps and then pumped to a clarifier so the water can be re used in the process.

Opportunities for Existing Mills

  • Mapping of water system
  • Creating Mass / Flow Balances for water systems
  • Fresh water reduction. With capabilities to achieve zero effluent mill
  • Fines Management
  • Stickies Management
  • Simplification of white water system
  • Broke Management