Centralized Rejects Handling

MMT is a pioneer in the development and installation of compact centralized reject systems. A compact centralized reject system dewaters and compacts all the rejects from the mill processes in a single location. After the rejects are dewatered and compacted they are sent to the dumpsters for easy removal. This removes the need for a forklift to drive around collecting and dumping containers to remove the rejects that are being collected in various locations.

The centralized reject system increases safety, efficiency, and lowers operating costs. The system will return the operator’s focus to producing a quality product rather than worrying about overflowing reject containers.

MMT Design Goals

  • Centralize ragger tails and heavy metal contaminants
  • Centralize light rejects and plastics for recycling
  • Centralize fibrous rejects for recycling
  • Design to reduce operating costs
  • Increased safety around rejects handling
  • Compaction of rejects for water removal
  • System designed for continuous discharge
  • Operator and maintenance friendly equipment