Mills can take advantage of MMT’s experience to improve mill process control systems resulting increased operator efficiency and improved operating techniques. The team at MMT has extensive experience in designing and operating mills that lead in faster start ups, shutdowns and more uniform operations.

Single Window System

All mill process can be controlled from single HMI screens.

Strategic HMI Screen Placement

HMI screens can be installed where needed. Operators are not "tied" to the control room.

One Button Startup

Entire sections of the mill can be started and stopped the same way every time ensuring faster start ups, increased process stability and more uniform process operations.

Fault Tolerant Design

Mill systems can be improved by having multiple layers of redundancy resulting in improved uptime. Control system 99.8% uptime has been achived.

Coordinated Production Control

Production through the plant is coordinated so all sections are in balance.

Built-In Operator Suppport

Operator stations are setup with embedded operator support such as SOP to ensure repeatable responses to process upsets

Maintenance Support

All parts of the process are monitored so maintenance is directed to the most critical issues